Converting a Spare Room Into A Study

Converting a spare room into a study or guest room, or a combination of the two, can fully integrate space to work, relax and enjoy friends and family to stay, all in one room.

The perfect solution to maximise the use of this space would be with bespoke multi-purpose fitted furniture, featuring its individual style and convenience. The innovative design and flexibility it has to offer can not be paralleled with free-standing furniture which would have limited use.

Fitted furniture solutions can offer a place to work, which can be transformed to a guest room when required, without the cluttered look of squeezing an extra bed into the room every time people visit. The organisation of the room can leave it looking more ordered and spacious even though it has more uses.

Planning the room really depends on individual ideas and the purpose that the room is to be used for. Proportioning it is important. If you need to work in the office daily and have guests less frequently, then you may wish to maximise use of study furniture, filing space, storage cupboards, stationary drawers and a desk for your laptop or computer. Along with this you could perhaps include a drop down wardrobe which converts to a bed for your guests. However if the study space is really just intended for a family computer and a few assorted items, then utilising the space for regular guests visiting, may mean you wish to incorporate additional hanging space, drawers and cupboards, so as to avoid cluttering the room during their stay.

Deciding what materials, colours and style furniture you like is equally important. It may be you choose more contemporary neutral colours, which are more versatile in terms of the colour of the decor and furnishings you complement them with. It is then more flexible and easier to change bedding and cushion colours should you wish. It also would give the room a light spacious feel if you use it as a study. The wall to wall and full height cupboards avoid extra cleaning and useless gaps.

The benefits of fitted furniture far exceed those of self-assembly furniture. The interiors of the units really do offer the flexibility you need, dependant on your storage needs. Deciding where to position shelving, for example, is an entirely individual choice and other fixtures and fittings can be included as required. It may be you decide it is the perfect space to have a full height shelve unit for encyclopedias and books. Accessories, such as a chair or stool for the study, can also be supplied to coordinate with the rest of the room.

A bedroom designer can offer the necessary advice and suggestions, and measure the room to ensure the practicalities of space to manoeuvre in the room are met with your requirements of the room itself.

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